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About Che!

About Che!

Our Family and Che!

It all started a short 40 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sergio Sujoy and his wife opened their first food establishment in the business district of downtown Buenos Aires, not realizing what the future held. This first food adventure was similar to a quick takeaway of sandwiches and other snacks for the local business people on breaks in the district. There were times the queues out the door were over 16 metres long, Sergio says.

With great success after 10 years in the first business and starting a family, the Sujoys opened a second restaurant not far from the first. This time it is a sit down restaurant serving local home made food in a family atmosphere, an atmosphere noted today in all of their restaurants. It is then that the young lad we all know as Martin was dipping his toes in the business following in his father's footsteps.

With success under their belts, the family saw another opening in the catering industry and opened a premier catering company. They catered for weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, political parties and more, always giving 100% to quality and service as they still do today. During this time they decided it was best to sell the original landmark eateries and focus on the growing catering industry.

Within a short period the opportunity came about and the Sujoys were able to secure the food concession at the local private country club. With their experience and care, popularity grew and were able to secure another three country club food concessions. In Argentina the Sujoy name meant one thing: "quality, service and simply good food"

In 2001, Martin and his sister Daniella were getting itchy feet; they want to move on with the knowledge from their father. They had heard about Villamartin Plaza in Spain and how it was a growing concern and thought they would check it out so off Martin and his sister Daniella went. After purchasing the local unit which was the original Che Argentina Steakhouse, they flew to Spain to start a new life. The family followed the following year after selling the concerns in Argentina. By this time the name "CHE!!!" was born in the Villamartin Plaza and acquiring a reputation they are still is proud of today. The family all pitched in running the steakhouse and, true to its name, ensuring every steak was from Argentina. Pallets arrive weekly with the most scrumptious steaks. The grandparents would come in early to help prep and make the home-made apple pies and the Tiramisu cake with Martin and the family coming in later working to all hours, truly a family restaurant.

In 2005, after years of hard work, Sergio saw another opening and purchased another unit on the Villamartin Plaza which became CHE American. With many years of success the company has rebranded the restaurant to Fettuccini Grill by Che. Now both it and the Argentina Steakhouse have large terraces where you can dine under the stars and on music nights listen to headline stars literally feet from your table. Just imagine Leo Sayer or Paul Young and even Les McKeown walking past you. Time passed and they were fortunate to grab the two units one each side of the Argentina restaurant to increase the capacity to seat almost 200 people.

With all going well for the Sujoy family they then purchased a third unit on the upper floor which is the Che Italian. Again, a highly successful restaurant which would eventually set the company model alongside the Argentina Steakhouse. Although Sergio the father was still running the show, Martin was the face of CHE. Sergio being the dedicated man he is noticed Martin becoming comfortable in his new found position and success and explained to him to get out and carry on with the family tradition and business. With the new shopping center, Zenia Boulevard in discussion of being built, Martin focused on opening a traditional Argentina Grill in the new center. Once the center opened he did just that, first the CHE Argentina Grill, then the CHE Italian and a CHE fast food restaurant as well. This business model proved successful and the CHE brand was furthered afield.

Over the past few years the Sujoy family led by Martin and Daniella have successfully opened numerous restaurants all following the original model, Italian and traditional Argentina grill. At present in Spain they have the original three restaurants in Villamartin Plaza, three in the Zenia Boulevard shopping center, La Caruña, Zaragosa, Madrid and Mallorca as well a full service Argentina restaurant in Del Ray Beach Florida. In total the family have taken an idea while in Argentina to having 16 restaurants in Spain and the USA.

Their success is simple: Service, Quality, Family and always Good Food. Their slogan is "Let Che do the Cooking For You!"

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